Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Update ~ Here's To Life...

Life's been hectic here. We spent most of last week prepping for our biannual Free-For-All event, which took place this last weekend. This season's event ran Friday-Sunday, with great success. We gave away books, toys, clothing, and household items to over 100 people during the three-day event. We also had several people donate items to the cause, which is always a tremendous blessing.

After spending all week sorting through items to put them out on Friday, we had to clean out the trailer in order to relocate the Christmas Project storage from the garage into the trailer. Three filing cabinets and over a dozen plastic tubs later, and our Christmas Project storage has a new permanent home! I'll get pics up from the inside of the trailer after we do a little reorganizing and make it look semi-decent. :)

Today was spent trying to get ZoKo's school efforts sorta back on track after she took Thursday-Sunday off in order to help out and get some Service Learning credit in. Speaking of credit, she's earned five quarter credits in the last week, all A's; Bible & Character, Visual Arts, Child Care & Development, Recreation, and Biology.

As for my little corner of the world, expect some book reviews coming in this week - I've got four books on my waiting list right now. Whichever ones I don't get through this week will be done during the weekend, since I'll have plenty of reading time at the KAMO rally.

I'm sure I've got plenty more to say, but I can't come up with anything at the moment, so until next time... Peace.

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