Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 4 - Basement & Library

     The basement contains our library, Ms. Bunny, Ponyville, dress up clothes, the game collection, and my holiday decorations.

 This is the main portion of our library/reading area. It houses our fiction literature, assorted stuffed animals, a US map rug, two bean bags, a Lion King chair, B, and Ms. Bunny (the green triangle in the bottom right corner is her roof).

Here's a side view of B and a front view of Ms. Bunny in her cage.

This is the secondary library area (it backs up against the shelves in the reading area). It contains all future textbooks and educational games on the shorter bookshelf. The taller one contains science, history, and health reading books. I need two more shelf units in this area, but have not found any cheap enough yet.

This is the side wall of my basement, and the reason I need two more bookshelves in the science & history reading section...

Also stored in the reading area, on the side wallis my holiday/seasonal stuff. Sorted in tubs by holiday, this includes decorations, books, movies, cards, and stuffed animals.

Across the walk-path from the textbooks sits these bookshelves. Kids' board games on the left unit, with card games on top of it. The right one contains encyclopedia sets, including Goldenbook, Childcraft, an illustrated history encyclopedia sets, a people of US history set, and a few science encyclopedias (hidden behind the blue tub).

Ponyville... enough said. lol

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