Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 5 - Upstairs

   The girls' room and our bedroom are both upstairs, along with the bathroom that Chimera has claimed.

B has the top bed, and ZoKo has the bottom bed. The portacrib is full of stuffed animals Cabbage Patch Kids, and My Little Pony soft babies. The bin storage rack has plastic food, small dollhouse pieces, and Barbies.

The rest of the girls' room. The Snoopy chest is toys. The spaceship chest is doll clothes and such. The shelf units are for "special" items and keepsakes. ZoKo has the one on the left and B's is on the right. It varies as to which one is actually organized at any given time. The plastic houses toward the right are for Barbies.

The girls' closet is small (although larger than ours). There is a dresser on each side of the doorway inside it. On top of each girl's dresser is her purple/pink tackle box for hair supplies, lip glosss, and body lotions.

I don't like dressers. So this is the "dresser" in our room, a freestanding closet that sits along the wall across from our bed.


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