Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 3 - Dining Room & Living Room

     On to the dining room, also known as the craft supply room and the school room...

 The craft supply shelves next to the dinner table. The tubs contain, things like crayons, glue, scraps of paper, and pipe cleaners. The black notebooks are seasonal activities and coloring pages, and the books next to them are craft books. The books on the shelf below the construction paper are "how to draw" books and notebooks of blank paper. The shelf above the construction paper has science experiment kits.

On the other side of the dinner table is another bookshelf. This one is loaded with 3 ring binders of activities and lesson pland for language arts, science, and history (organized by individual topic). The purple/white cage houses BunBun, our miracle bunny that has almost completely recovered from complete paralysis due to a broken back. He can now walk just fine, and is still working on learning how to hop again. The empty 3 ring binders stacked are ones I have not finished organizing papers to fill yet.

KiKi's favorite place in the dining room is the mddle of the open floor. It's great for puzzles.

This shelf sits opposite the table and contains the textbooks and notebooks currently in use, as well as "school" supplies for B and Odie. It also houses the dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, atlas, and globe.

Backed up to that bookshelf is ZoKo's desk in a homemade little cubicle. She does very little work here.

This is one of the places you're likely to find ZoKo doing work, my living room. Oh look, a Chimera...

This is another place she likes to read. Curled up with Super Fluffers on the living room floor.

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