Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 2 - Kitchen

     Now for my kitchen. Not the part used for cooking food though, lol. Rather the parts the kids go for.

This is the first thing you will see as you enter my kitchen, a KiKi surrounded by shredded paper/cardboard. It's a big de-stressor for him. Just step around the kid and don't slip on the shreds. The big Tigger behind him is known as his car drive Tigger. And Chimera (the cat) makes his first appearance during this little tour.

And now Chimera would like to show you the pantry, or rather the door of it. As well as KiKi's drawing desk and paper shred stash (Chimera's favorite place to sleep). On the inside of the pantry door is my newest organzation tool. I got the idea from a different blog, but have no idea which one. It is a poster frame with 6 sheets of scrapbooking paper in it. The clear plastic of the frame is good for dry-erase markers, and you can put anything you want to in the frame. (There are more detailed photos below.)

Above the organization board is an over the door hanger I got from Target for $2.50. It works perfectly for storing my measuring cups/spoons so my drawers are less cluttered and I don't have to dig for the right one. The collection is very low right now due to baking yesterday.

Here's a full view shot of the organization board.

Panel 1: "Quote of the Day"

Panel 2: Family/Household Chores (mark off list), Current Bills, To Do List, and Weekend Plans.

Panel 3: Shopping List, Finances, and Animal Care chart.

Panel 4: I have no use for this panel yet, besides that I liked it and it fit well with the others.

Panel 5: B's Weekly Chore Chart and B's Daily Chores (mark off lists).

Panel 6: ZoKo's Weekly Chore Chart and ZoKo's Daily Chore Chart (mark off lists).

     Again, all of the chore lists and charts are written on the scrapbook paper prior to insertion, so a dry erase marker can be used to draw a line through each as it is accomplished. Most of the rest of the board simply has titles or headlines written down so things can be filled in and erased at any time. The girls' weekly chore charts run on a 2 week rotation, because B goes to visit her mom every other weekend. This keeps things consistant as to who is expected to do what when it comes to work.

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  1. I love your organization chart. That's such I great idea that I never would have thought of.