Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 1 - Boys' Room

     As I was looking through my email and reading other blogs this morning, I remembered that I keep meaning to post pics on here of our house areas, and I keep forgetting to. So, consider yourself warned. The next few posts will be graphic - as in, having pictures - and show a small glimpse into my home. We're starting this little tour with the Boys' Room.

This is what the boys' room looks like when a KiKi has been playing in it. You can easily see KiKi's crib, the big red ball the kids climb in (the girls love to hide in it), the Clifford "spring horse", an air inflated turtle floor pillow, the spaceshuttle table (for the magnadoodle and a spinning gear toy I don't know the name of), the slide (the newest addition to the room), and the giraffe chair. Oh, and the KiKi.

Here's the corner with the crib in it. Kota (the ride on dino) is still a favorite of the older kids too. KiKi likes Clifford. The metal bar behind the yoga ball belongs to the rebounder trampoline I found for KiKi.

A better view of the rebounder trapoline, yoga ball, and a Tigger...

 Odie's bed is in the corner, with a better view of the big red ball and the slide. And a mostly headless KiKi.

This is the closet of the boys' room. That's a lego table and bin set on the left, a ride on Tigger in the middle, and storage bins for balls, toys, and stuffed animals on the right. And the giraffe chair.

Continue the tour with House Tour 2 - Kitchen

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