Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closet Cleanout & More

   Once every 3 months (quarterly), we do a "closet cleanout" weekend. That happens to be this weekend for summer. So, the girls are both emptying their dressers and closet space onto my living room floor. Then they have to try on every article of clothing that they own, and sort it into three piles: Keep, Maybe, Pass On/Box Up... At the end of it all, they get to go through boxes of "new" clothing from yardsales and such, and pick out some new clothes.
   We sort out the clothing once each season, but with where we live in SW Missouri, it's not practical to sort by the season. You're likely to have one or two chilly days in summer and a few hot days in winter around here... This is an all weekend affair, and I'm hoping we get it done by tomorrow night. :) I might even post a few pictures of the aftermath. Maybe.

   I dyed my hair last night, and cut it. It's now black. Planning on adding red dye for highlights in a week or so. If I feel like it. Anyway, my Mutt and I were talking while I was rinsing out the dye, and he said that hair dye had to be invented by a man who got sick of always looking at the same chick and wanted the fantasy of someone different. I told him he was wrong, that hair dye had to be invented by some chick who wanted to look more like her sister in order to win her husband back... I won. :) ...I'm sure that neither of those are right, but that wasn't the point. It gave us something to talk and laugh about, another moment to feel a little bit closer to each other.

Here's a small and lousy cell phone pic of the new me. lol 

     I'll try to find some random tidbit to post again tonight or tomorrow, but who knows. Mutt keeps telling me I should post on here more often, that maybe it'll help with my current stent of depression (about 2-3 months now). I don't know... Right now, he's just as bad as I am though, most of that is personal so I'm not going to go into excessive details. Let's just say it's really hard for a married man to find a decent chick to actually talk to, and leave it at that.

     Right now, the Cow laying next to me snoring is making me tired, so I think I'm going to go wash a French Press and have a vanilla latte. I'm out of raspberry flavoring. :(

     Till next time, Peace Out. :)

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  1. It sounds like you've got quite a weekend ahead. I don't know if the weather down there is as nice as it is up here but if so you should all try and get outside, at least for a little bit. We'll see if I take my own advice...
    I think the new hair looks great! But I guess you already knew that.
    I won't say anything cliche like, "Hang in there, it'll get better," although I really hope and have to believe that it will.
    I'm really looking forward to meeting you all next weekend! Till then, have a good couple days cleaning the closets. :)