Monday, August 29, 2011

Homeschooling - 8.5 Weeks In

   This week... Zoko finished reading Fire Star, and started Fire Eternal (book #4 of the Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D'Lacey). She's really enjoying the series. I would add in my two cents, but I have yet to read any of the first book even. I know, some mom, right? Oh well, it's on my to-do list, I swear. Right after I finish the booklists and catalogues and get Mom's cd's sorted through, and I actually have enough free time to read. I'm making my booklist a complete version of the ones for the kids, so theoretically, I'll read everything they do, just a question of when. Although, considering that Zoko is currently reading Fire Eternal at the rate of two chapters per day, and reading New Moon at the rate of about 20-30 pages per day, I'm not planning on catching up to her anytime soon. She did alright at keeping up with her assignments this week. But, I can't say the same for myself. This post should have been up Saturday night/Sunday morning. Instead, this is Monday afternoon. Grrr... So, I can either continue to be late and annoyed with myself every single week, or I can change the deadline. Guess which I'm doing. :P Yep, new deadline... The weekly updates are still going to be based on a common calendar week (Sunday through Saturday), but they will be posted the following Monday (like today). If this confises you, then tough. I run the assignments on a Monday to Sunday schedule page, log them on a Sunday to Saturday week, and don't have the free time for blogging until Monday. So yeah, that's just how it's gonna be... Meanwhile, in case you're totally bored with this long rambling, or in case you're ignoring this entire paragraph and jumping straight to the stats, or in case you accidentally stumbled across this post and are wondering what you're doing here to begin wth (the most likely scenario), then here it is, grade 2, progess report 7...

          - Total Hours completed as of August 27th, 2011 -
     Science     30.00
     Math     26.75
     History & Social Studies     29.75
     Language Arts & Reading     101.25
     Daily Review   1.50
     Health & Physical Education     43.50
     Art     14.50
     Home Economics     1.50
     Foreign Language (Latin)     3.00

          - Total Hours   251.75     out of     1,000 mandatory hours -
     Hours Left:     748.25     averaging     17.25/week  -or-  2.50/day

Curriculum used this week (percentage of current status towards completion):
          Textbook - Discovery Works (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)     lesson 83 of 129     (64.3%)
          Reading - All Kinds Of Animals (Merrigold Press)     page 60 of 60     (100%)
          Reading - Ancient Forest (Guy J Spencer)     section 1 of 1     (100%)
          Reading - Animals (A+)     page 18 of 30     (60%)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 125 of 170     (73.5%)
          Reading - Brain Games For Kids (Publications International)     page 91 of 176     (51.7%)
          Textbook - History Of Our United States (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 6 of 73     (8.2%)
          Reading - U S Mail (Elaine A Kule)     section 7 of 7     (100%)
          Reading - Why The Sun And The Moon...     (Elphinstone Dayrell)     section 1 of 1     (100%)
          Reading - Finding The Titanic (Robert D Ballard)     chapter 1 of 7     (14.3%)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - Language 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 117 of 163     (71.8%)
          Comprehension - Foot Prints (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 21 of 21     (100%)
          Penmanship - Cursive 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 128 of 175     (73.1%)
          Ind Reading - Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)     chapter 65 of 65     (100%)
          Ind Reading - Fire Eternal (Chris D'Lacey)     chapter     7 of 34     (20.6%)
          Ind Reading - New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)     page 559 of 563     (99.3%)
          Classic Lit - Outdoor Girls In A Winter Camp (Laura Lee Hope)     chapter 7 of 25     (28.0%)
          Textbook - Your Health (Harcourt gr 3)     lesson 11 of 85     (12.9%)
     Foreign Language:
          Latin - Minimus (Cambridge)     lesson 3 of 27     (11.1%)

Completed Curriculum For The 2011-2012 School Year (2nd Grade):
          Reading - First Book Of Bees (Albert Tibbets)
          Reading - Polar Bears (Susan Canizares)
          Reading - Rain Forest (Jinny Johnson)
          Reading - True Story Of Corky The Blind Seal (Georgeanne Irvine)
          Reading - To Be A Chimpanzee (Chris Martin)
          Reading - Horses (Harold Roth)
          Reading - Rattlesnakes (ZooBooks)
          Reading - Otter On His Own (Doe Boyle)
          Reading - Day Of The Dinosaur (Stan Berenstain)
          Reading - Kittens And Cats (Intercontinental Books)
          Reading - Creature Questions (Chris Kratt)
          Reading - Bravest Dog Ever (Natalie Standiford)
          Reading - Wild Cats (Diane Muldrow)
          Reading - Where Do Birds Live (Betsey Chessen)
          Reading - Look To The North (Jean Craighead George)
          Reading - Big Dinosaurs (Michael Berenstain)
          Reading - All Kinds Of Animals (Merrigold Press)
          Reading - Ancient Forest (Guy J Spencer)
          Textbook - Spectrum Geography Grade 3 (McGraw Hill gr 3)
          Reading - Stories Of American Life And Adventure (Edward Eggleston)
          Reading - First Dog (Jan Brett)
          Reading - Orient (Tom McMahon)
          Reading - Story Of Jumping Mouse (John Steptoe)
          Reading - U S Mail (Elaine A Kule)
          Reading - Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky     (Elphinstone Dayrell)
     Language Arts:
          Comprehension - Silly Things Happen (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Comprehension - Foot Prints (Abeka gr 3)
          Independent Reading - Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (Laura Lee Hope)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls In A Motor Car (Laura Lee Hope)
          Reading - It's Not The Stork (Robie H Harris)
     Foreign Language:

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