Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Bunnies & Mommy

   On Friday (June 10th), we had a new addition to our family: a bunny family :) How did this happen? Well, on Thursday, mom noticed her vegetables disappearing from her garden and I found a rabbit living under her storage shed. The rabbit was obviously domestic (white and brown), rather than a wild rabbit. So, we decided that we'd get a live trap the next day and catch it. The plan was that it would save her garden and that maybe I could acquire a pet (if it was social and friendly).
   So, on Friday, we went and bought a live trap for one bunny. We set it up by the shed and figured we wouldn't catch anything until evening. That afternoon, my bf was mowing my mom's yard, and came across a baby bunny nest. Having destroyed the nest completely, and having knocked a baby out of it, we decided the best shot for the bunnies would be to try to take them in and care for them. Overnight, we bought milk and attempted to feed them with no luck whatsoever.
   Saturday morning I received a call from my mom to tell me she had caught the rabbit in the live trap. So, we took in the bunny, and I discovered that she is not only very friendly and loves being held, but she was also the Mommy bunny! Reunited with her babies, she is taking good care of them, and they are all friendly and love being held. The babies have now opened their eyes and are hopping around their cage. How on earth all this came together has got to be a miracle, but we're very glad to have such a wonderful bunny family in our house, and that Mommy bunny was content to forgive us for displacing her babies and has settled in well to her new home. :)

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