Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End Of School - Preschool

   The last day of preschool for Odie is tomorrow. We'll be very glad to have him back home. Why? Because all of the behavioral problems we're having at this point are clearing up completely on the weekends, then re-manifesting when he returns to school. We've been making progress, as slow as it may be. He's now particpating in family activities such as the slip n slide, water squirters, and swing set, and is also interacting more with his siblings. We're occasionally even managing to sneak out a smile from him! This has been a long, hard road and I'm not sure how we got started on this path, but we're starting to see some improvements. Yes, the problems are present any time we're in public or have other people around, but to know that progress is being made (even if just in private), still makes a huge difference for our household.
   We're hoping that over the course of the summer he'll "normalize" enough that the next school year will be much easier and saner for everyone involved. In the mean time, we're still taking this day by day and very thankful that one phase is almost over. :)

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