Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End Of School: 1st Grade

   The last day of first grade for B is next Friday, the 27th of May. She's been progress (off and on), and honestly I'm not sure what they're convinced they're teaching in public school for 1st grade anyway. Her grades vary drastically, and what it comes down to is that yes, she CAN do the work. And at home she does it with complete accuracy. But at school, there's no incentive for prompt or proper completion, and no penalty for improper completion. The point? Why bother?...
   This last week that attitude has spread to home as well, and we are having to undertake the task on a daily basis of reminding her that we expect her to do her work properly, regardless as to how many times she has to redo the same page. The girls have bothe been having trouble with this concept since the decrease of responsibily for Odie, due to his behavioral issues. So now we find it a daily challenge to remind both of them that they are still expected to uphold their end of the responsibilities within our household. Again, school is almost over.
   B is looking forward to this summer. We're staring Latin lessons shortly after school ends, and will be re-starting the Book of Virtues lessons I attempted to pursue with the girls last year. B is also doing daily reviews including math, vocab, geography, and  penmanship, as well as classic literature reading books...

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