Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Tattoos

   For some reason, lots of people that I know are getting new tattoos lately. Considering that I got my two at 17, and have been aching to finish the conceptual design of the main one, I figured it's a decent time to comment. I have an online friend who happens to design tattoos. So I asked him what he could come up with for me. I've been wanting a Bast and an Eye Of Horus to go with my Ankh/Runestone. And, well, he came up with some awesome designs.
   I thought about posting them, but would rather wait until I can afford the ink and post actual pics after the fact. That being said, it'll probably be a while. Bast is planned to go on the back of my right shoulder. As for the Eye of Horus, the original idea was to put it on the small of my back with tribal to follow the style of the Ankh on the front. But, with the way my friend designed it, tribal won't work. So, it was going to be a solo design, same location. Then my BF saw the designs and decided he loves the Eye and that we should get matching tats. I am, on principle, completely against this idea. However, if you're going to do something, you should at least do it right. So now we have to decide where he's getting the tat and mine will end up in a place to match his.
   Only problem now, he wants it on the outside of his left shoulder, and I really don't want a tat there. So who knows what we'll end up doing? I guess that really doesn't matter, will probably be several months before we can even consider this financially.
   The point of this post? I have no idea really. But there it is anyway. Roll with it or don't, makes no difference. This is life, catch it while you can...

Morning Non-Schedule

   Having had a few different people (trying to be helpful) tell me that if I would just adopt a morning schedule then my life would be so much easier, I've decided to post my current non-schedule for everyone to view. I call this a non-schedule because it has never before been written down, or stated as a rule, or in other way purposefully implemented or enforced. That being said, this is my morning routine...

          610          Wake up
          620-640   Prep & record school work
          640          Girls wake up
          645-650   Feed dog
          655-700   Take dog out
          700          Odie wakes up
          705-720   Kids breakfast
          705-710   Laundry
          710-715   Make KiKi breakfast
          720-725   Shower
          730-755   Laundry, Dishes
          755-815   B bus
          800          KiKi gets up
          805-815   KiKi breakfast

   By 820 everyone is ready to leave, do schoolwork, or whatever else is planned for the day...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Writing the Unwritten

  Okay, people, here's the scoop... My life has been nothing but sheer chaos for however long now. And, while I normally find it my calling to thrive in chaos, I am currently experiencing the turmoil of having way too much on my plate and finding it impossible to accomplish a third of my tasks on any given day. That being said, it's going to be a while longer until I can get a good grip on life and resume my meaningless rambles. Until then, peace out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Here's To Life...

   Having not written anything on here in two weeks, and finding that today happens to be Valentine's Day, I decided that it is due time for my to write something on here...
   So, this is a generalized post to fill in the last two weeks of nothing but sheer chaos for those of you who don't follow the family gossip/news on a regular basis. Or, for those of you who simply have nothing better to do at this specific moment than to sit and read some aimless post written in the attempt to fill a void, when alas, there probably is nothing but a larger gap of black stillness when I am done...
   My life lately has been nothing but a chaotic scramble of trying to fit way too many things in what turns out to be a very short day. My mom's BF had been treating her with no respect and like nothing more than a meal ticket for a long while now, so my BF and I decided to have a talk with him. This was a little over a week ago. Turns out that when you have to get into explaining the difference between hearing someone and actually listening to them, and that just because you drive someone places does not mean that you show them respect, and that yes, it is common courtesy to call someone when you tell them that you will, it's more or less a lost cause. So, having royally pissed him off, he decided to ditch my mom at home. So I took her out to dinner, and we talked more about life. And I managed to finally explain it to her that there was nothing wrong with her calling me everyday in tears because she needed someone to talk to (and was feeling guilty that she'd pinned that on me), and that the only problem with that scenario was that he was causing her to be in tears everyday to place those calls in the first place. And that I would absolutely love for her to call me someday with nothing to talk about other than the weather and the price of tea in China, because, after all, that is important to someone, I'm sure. The point was that it would be wonderful to have one full conversation without her crying over something to do with her relationship...
   That being said, several tears and a few conversations later, he officially left and we were stuck packing up his things for him. He picked up one car load on Saturday, and we're hoping the rest of his stuff is gone within a few weeks so that she can get on with her life. I'll tell you what, walking in to my mom's house to find her cooking with Krishna Das in the background and a smile on her face was absolutely priceless and something I hadn't seen in way, way too long!
   While all of this was going on over the last week, I was also attempting to get the kids all back into a routine after what turned out to be a snow week (rather than day) the week before. And, having gone into sheer panic on Friday night about maybe having missed the Valentine's Day parties at B and Odie's schools, I bought Valentine's Day cards Friday night (even though we have about 100 of the darn things boxed up somewhere), and checked their calendars when I got home at almost 4am. And, low and behold, B's party is today and Odie's is Tuesday, so I'm good on both accounts. :)
   Friday night was a busy time for me, that would be the day I was helping mom pack her ex's stuff up. I also found a large stash of links to adult vids on her pc (the one that only he used). And, at 130am, we decided to take a break for a bit. And if you've never been to Waffle House at 130am on Friday night/Saturday morning, you have no idea what you're missing. We were the only two sober people there, and it was down to standing room only, with the juke box cranked and people dancing (knocking posters off the walls)...
   It was around midnight Friday night that I received a message from my BF telling me that he was pissed at himself for having broken my computer. Apparently it fell (again) and the screen shattered. Being that it is just a computer, I really didn't care, aside from the fact that all of ZoKo's school records were on it. Everything else was on a portable hard drive anyway. Or everything important at least. As for the records, I have a rough hard copy that will work and in Missouri, the legal age for starting school is 7 anyway. So basically all the records I do keep for her are completely worthless and pointless in the eyes of the law.
   Saturday was the day her ex got some of his stuff out, and my BF and I got to spend a few hours together before bedtime for the first night in about a week. Yesterday, we went shopping. I bought the Acer netbook that I've wanted for over a year (although this year's version of it), and he got the big screen laptop he wanted as a family pc...
   Meanwhile, my mom called me last night because her furnace is down and the temperature is dropping due to the filters needing cleaned. So, I'm off to her place to clean the furnace filters and hang out while they dry... Peace out...
   PS - If anyone knows of an older, single, non-smoking man that might treat my mom decently, let me know. Seriously...