Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Non-Schedule

   Having had a few different people (trying to be helpful) tell me that if I would just adopt a morning schedule then my life would be so much easier, I've decided to post my current non-schedule for everyone to view. I call this a non-schedule because it has never before been written down, or stated as a rule, or in other way purposefully implemented or enforced. That being said, this is my morning routine...

          610          Wake up
          620-640   Prep & record school work
          640          Girls wake up
          645-650   Feed dog
          655-700   Take dog out
          700          Odie wakes up
          705-720   Kids breakfast
          705-710   Laundry
          710-715   Make KiKi breakfast
          720-725   Shower
          730-755   Laundry, Dishes
          755-815   B bus
          800          KiKi gets up
          805-815   KiKi breakfast

   By 820 everyone is ready to leave, do schoolwork, or whatever else is planned for the day...

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