Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Tattoos

   For some reason, lots of people that I know are getting new tattoos lately. Considering that I got my two at 17, and have been aching to finish the conceptual design of the main one, I figured it's a decent time to comment. I have an online friend who happens to design tattoos. So I asked him what he could come up with for me. I've been wanting a Bast and an Eye Of Horus to go with my Ankh/Runestone. And, well, he came up with some awesome designs.
   I thought about posting them, but would rather wait until I can afford the ink and post actual pics after the fact. That being said, it'll probably be a while. Bast is planned to go on the back of my right shoulder. As for the Eye of Horus, the original idea was to put it on the small of my back with tribal to follow the style of the Ankh on the front. But, with the way my friend designed it, tribal won't work. So, it was going to be a solo design, same location. Then my BF saw the designs and decided he loves the Eye and that we should get matching tats. I am, on principle, completely against this idea. However, if you're going to do something, you should at least do it right. So now we have to decide where he's getting the tat and mine will end up in a place to match his.
   Only problem now, he wants it on the outside of his left shoulder, and I really don't want a tat there. So who knows what we'll end up doing? I guess that really doesn't matter, will probably be several months before we can even consider this financially.
   The point of this post? I have no idea really. But there it is anyway. Roll with it or don't, makes no difference. This is life, catch it while you can...

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