Monday, January 3, 2011

About Romy

   Romy is the newest member of our family, the water dragon we got for Christmas. I haven't written much about him, and honestly, I'm not sure why. He has a good home here, we take him out to spend time with us every day. Romy is definately a good fit for our family. And he knows it. He's been through a lot before he came here, and still has the scars to show it. But that just makes him fit in better with our family. He is missing the tips of most of his toes, and the tip of his tail is gone as well. The last 1/2-3/4 inch of the tail he does have has been broken so that while it is still attached, it is not really still a part of his tail. I don't know how else to explain it. About a week ago, his left eye sealed up so that he could no longer open it, and thus could not see to hunt. He was already on a dietary supplement due to losing a bit of weight, so I adjusted the dosage to meet his full dietary needs. So for a week he's been eating all of his food from a syringe. I do not know what caused the eye to seal shut. I've been giving him warm baths in the hope that it would help, and today it finally paid off. After half an hour of rubbing on his eye with a wet washcloth while he was soaking, enough caked on dirt and puss came off that he can now fully open his eye. And the immediate pouncing response proved that it is functioning properly.  :)  I still fed him through the syringe, but I'm hoping he can go back to hunting crickets and just receiving the supplement as needed. As for the syringe, he's gotten used to it. As long as you don't touch the plastic to his mouth, he will open his mouth enough to let you squirt some in, taking a few minutes between mouthfuls to swallow everything. All in all, it takes 15-30 minutes to feed a water dragon this way, in case you were wondering. But it's worth every second of it. As for the eye, it is still slightly black around it, but everything else looks great. Romy is our resident people watcher, he loves to sit up on his hind legs like a meerkat so he can see out his cage and watch everything we're doing in the living room. He'll turn his head to watch us walk by and scamper to pretend he's not watching you if you approach his cage. It's not an eerie feeling though, it feels good to have him watching over us, like somehow his protection is very powerful. Oh, and he bites hard enough to draw blood, which would be a good thing if we ever had intruders. No, he's not aggresive in the slightest, he just got mad the first few times I had to use the syringe, before we came to an understanding...

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