Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neurology Appointment

   KiKi had his second neurology appointment this morning. He doesn't have to go back in for a full year this time. The neurologist was happy about the social interaction progress KiKi's made, and the progession in mobility. He gave me a few things to look at for, in case the muscle tension from the cerebral palsy gets worse. He also made a referral to a geneticist to test from a chromosone deficiency, which would not make a difference in treatment but would be something worth noting if Zoko ever has children. We discussed therapy options and schooling options, and he agreed with me that full time enrollment for KiKi seemed to be at high risk for overstimulation, and recommended a therapy only option rather than schooling, since he has three peers at home and his social interaction at this point is doing so well. I told him that I have argued with the school system and about their refusal to allow me to pursue a therapy only option. He was appalled by this, but his only suggestion was to check in to Next Step and see what I could access through them. I have already been working with them trying to get him services through them anyway, but am currently on stand by with paperwork. I have placed a call but need to place another one concerning how to fill out some information to find out if we meet the financial guidelines to acquire assistance through them.
   We also talked about the hearing concerns and how little cooperation I've had with the local ENT specialists in answering my questions pertaining to my specific situation. We discussed these concerns, and I agreed to make another appointment and attempt to resolve these issues again. He also gave me some helpful insight as to specific issues to attempt to address and possible explanations for why they are approaching things in the manner in which they are. None of these things really put my mind at ease about dealing with the other people, but at least gave me some ideas on how to possible approach it in a more meaningful manner. We'll see how that goes.
   As for KiKi, he was stressed as he always is for doctor's appointment, but cooperated well, and only lost his temper twice. After talking to the doctor for ten minutes after the examination, KiKi decided to wander over and initiate contact of his own accord. This in and of itself is a major accomplishment with a doctor. So so far this neurologist seems to at least be willing to listen and KiKi likes him. You take good news where you can find it.  :)

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