Sunday, December 26, 2010

Turning Inward: Environments

QUESTION: What do your home and work environments say about you?

Well I don't "work" per say, being a stay at home mom. But my computer area could be considered my work area because that's where I set up my daughter's schoolwork and everything. Let's see, the dishes and laundry are usually about a day behind and there's always piles of paperwork I have yet to sort through. Several projects that are half finished, and a basket of clean laundry in my room that need put up. So I'm always busy, have way too much scheduled for the time alloted, don't finish nearly as much as I hope to, and never really have much to show for the work that I do finish. As for what that says about me, I guess you can draw your own conclusions. I'd like to think that says I focus more on the things absolutely necessary and less on the things that can wait a while, making sure the kids are always fed and have clean clothes and get their school work done and the bills are always paid and things like that. Of course, you could also say I rarely finish what I start, am disorganized, and tend to procrastinate whenever possible. Both those statements would be true, hopefully. I'm not sure that that says anything I wouldn't have been able to say on my own without the breakdown, but there it is...

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