Saturday, December 25, 2010

Turning Inward: Feelings

QUESTION: What are you feeling right now? Keep writing until you shift from thinking to feeling.

What am I feeling right now? Overwhelmed. It's Christmas Day. My BF just got home with his two kids. My daughter has been on and off about pressuring me to open more gifts. I was trying to have her wait to open most of them until the other kids got here. Been dealing with my mom on the phone, and trying to keep tabs on everyone else. Got lasagna made, no dessert. Have way too many dishes and too much laundry to do. And right now everything is literally just one more thing on a stack already over loaded. I've been sick, and the kids have taken turns as well. I finally got all my shopping done, but I hate that so much waited until last minute. And a lot of what I wanted to get was simply more than I could sanely afford. Bills are due, and there's not many options right now. So yeah, overwhelmed would definitely be my current mood as well as my state of mind right now...

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