Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Turning Inward: Afraid

QUESTION: What I'm really afraid of is...

What I'm really afraid of is being alone, turning my life into more of a waste than it already is, and leaving nothing to show for it. Not standing up to the ideas my daughter holds true about me, and not being able to give her the future she deserves. I'm afraid of her life turning out to be no better than mine, and knowing that I should have done better by her. I'm afraid of being left in this world with no one to care that I was ever here, that it's true when they say they're better off without me and that my life turns out to be nothing more than the emptiness which I feel every day. I'm afraid that this meaningless feeling will last forever, that the stars will cease to shine in the skies of my night, and that my dreams will disappear intot the vast void without attaining anything in this earthly world to show their existence was ever near peaking to begin with. I'm afraid that all my nightmares are real and I'm as unwanted as I feel. That being needed will never be enough to satisfy this craving within my soul, that the uselessness I feel will continue to haunt me and that no one will ever know the pain my heart aches with every day. But mostly I'm afraid that these things don't matter, that my life has no place in your world anyway, and that the future you see does not contain so much as a remembrance of me. And the knowledge that you are better this way.

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