Tuesday, December 7, 2010

School & More School

   So, today was KiKi's second day of school. He didn't want to go this morning and was happy to be picked up this afternoon. He passed out within two blocks of the church, which means they really wore him out. Although, upon arriving home, he decided to play with puzzles to unwind rather than going into his crib for a nap. So that's a very positive sign  :)  ...I knew this transition would be difficult for him, and I'm hoping that he adjusts to the school concept within a few weeks. I'll let you know how that goes...
   ZoKo enjoyed her time studying at the library, for the most part. We've made a new deal that if all her work is done promptly on Monday-Wednesday, then Thursday will be her day off at the library. This means skipping three subjects of her choice for the day, and getting to browse books, drink coffee, chat with me, and look in the gift shop one day a week. She likes this idea, as do I. So hopefully it works to minimize complaints (at least for a while)... Meanwhile, there's something wonderful about having your six year old in the backseat say she "really, really wants to read Snow-Bound (by John Greenleaf Whittier)", and being able to look it up on your Kindle and hand it to her right away for free. Did I mention how much I love my daughter? ...and my Kindle  :P

   PS... Apparently our society considers it wrong to trust a six year old to go into and use a bathroom alone while you're standing about ten feet from the only door, and timing her for five minutes before you go in to check on her... Okay, I get that bad stuff can happen, but I also get that there comes a point where eventually you have to let your kid have a little bit of independence. Besides, she knows how to scream if anyone tries to even touch her...

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