Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...and so starts another week...

   I'm sitting in the Mudhouse at TLC right now. First time I've been here in years. It's the closest library to the school though, and seems like a nice warm place to thaw out, and Zoko can do her school work here as well. She's happy because I told her to pick three subjects to do while the boys are in school, and after she's done she gets free time until we pick them up. So she's got three hours to accomplish her math, history, and independent reading. She decided to start with a hot latte and her independent reading  :) 
   KiKi started his second day of school today, and he was not happy about it! He was great and happy and cheerful all morning (except for his bathtime), and ate breakfast really fast. But as soon as I started heating up the truck, he went into hiding. After digging him out from under the crib twice, and having to put his shoes back on him again, I finally got him out to the truck. He fought me really badly on getting buckled up, which he's only fought me one once or twice ever... He screamed when he saw the church building, and was not happy about going inside. He was fussing and clawing and whimpering the whole time I was talking to his teacher before drop off. Then she took him anyway, and he finally found a few paper frogs on the bulletin board to focus on and decided to just ignore the rest of the world. That's when I left. So hopefully he's alright. They'll call me if anything goes wrong. I know this is gonna be a hard transition and it's worth it in the end, but it's still heart breaking to go through it...
   Meanwhile, my poem compilation is going slowly but it's going. Still trying for the Christmas deadline, but might have to push it back to New Year's  :(  ...Was planning on doing a final shoot for the Suicide Girls application last night, but felt so totally unmotivated about life in general, that it didn't happen. Oh well, it will all work out eventually.
   You ever have one of those days where everything moves at a snail's pace except the things you want to actually focus on, which never seem to slow down enough for you to catch a real glimpse of them, much less comprehend the thoughts that motivated you towards these desires in the first place? It's been an ultra long series of those days for a while now. I can honestly say I'm not depressed right now, which is a great relief. And if I knew why or what was making the difference at this moment, I'd bottle it up for the future. But unfortunately I don't. I guess it's just not one of those days where the moon can't come out fast enough and the sun seems to be trying to defeat my every move. Makes for a nice change. Assuming, of course, that the moon is your friend and the sun always stay past his welcome. I prefer her soft light over his overwhelming strength. It weakens my heart and burns at my mind.

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