Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KiKi's 3rd Birthday

My son, KiKi will be turning 3 on Saturday. This is his last week of therapy, since the state cuts off at 3 years old. His party will be next Tuesday evening, and he starts special needs preschool on the 30th. This is gonna be a busy two weeks, and I'm hoping he'll take to the changes well. I haven't been away from him on a regular basis at all since he left the NICU at 4 weeks old. About all I can say is that I trust the people he'll be with and I know they'll work with him the way he learns, rather than trying to force him to assimilate to behavior he doesn't understand... The last few weeks, he's been very stubborn with his therapy and hasn't been cooperating well. But he does know how to use basic PECS, it's just a question of getting him to want any given thing badly enough to do it... Eating is going very well. He now eats oatmeal from a spoon, and drinks from a sippy cup... He's given up the periodic regressions to crawling, and his public breakdowns are slightly less severe than they used to be... The progress he's made in the last year is nothing short of miraculous, so I'm really thankful to the people working with him and hoping he'll continue to flourish. Either way, it's hard to believe he's almost 3. My baby's growing up, and somehow the world's managing to adjust  :)

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