Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Public School

Seriously... Since when do they hand a list of food to a first grader and tell them to circle whatever they will have their parents bring? Shouldn't the parents somehow get a say-so in this process? I'm now signed up to bring a pumpkin pie to class by Monday... It doesn't really bug me to bring a pie, but to have a 6 year old walk in your door and inform you that you are bringing a pie because she told everyone you would, that's a different story. I don't treat other adults (or even the kids) that way, I was taught that it's wrong to volunteer other people to do specific things without their input. Apparently, the school system somehow sees it differently. This is the same school system that does not see any reason to correct 1st graders for spelling numbers, letters, and entire words backwards. Yes, I get that they are "just kids", I also feel that if you don't at least encourage them to correct it then it will be even harder to correct it later, since it's already imprinting itself within their mind to do it the wrong way. These are the same people that trust kindergarteners with $35 photo packets that the parents didn't want and are responsible for paying for, and do not have the first clue on how to deal with a child that does not hear on top of being autistic (aka, they insist on talking to him and getting upset that he does not follow their orders)... While I agree completely that B does better in public school than she would at home, due to finding the peers such a high incentive to accomplish desired tasks, I seriously do not have very much faith in the system through which she is currently receiving that education...

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