Monday, November 15, 2010

First Entry...

I finally decided to re-open my blog from long ago, only to find it has been lost in the eternal vastness of cyberspace, seeing as how the address that was once mine now belongs to someone else  :(  ...So here I am again, entering into the blogsphere of the ethereal kingdom of wifi and cyberware, under the name to which I attained as my own what feels like a life time ago... So what will this blog contain? Simply put, everything. Like or hate it, I don't care. This is a place for my poetry, a place for my journeys with homeschooling, step-parenting, raising my wonderfully unique son, and sorting out the eccentricities of my messed up emotional and mental states. This is my world, feel free to dive in head first, I know I have... So look for labels if you desire as I post, so far determined to be "poetry", "homeschooling", "step-parenting", "autism", "borderline", "vegan", and "life". I'm sure I'll add more, but right now that fits everything going on in my head, so it should be good enough. Expect posts whenever and read them or don't, your choice. I believe in free will, so live your own life and have fun with it, whatever you decide to do. Peace out.

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