Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On A More Uplifting Note...

   Tomorrow is KiKi's third birthday party  :)  I'm currently cleaning the house, doing laundry and dishes to try to get caught up on work I didn't do over the weekend because I was sick. He still has his balloons for now, and I'm going to try to get him more for tomorrow. B is in school today and tomorrow, will get out early on Wednesday as a precursor to Thanksgiving. Zoko is doing school work today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Odie has school tomorrow only, then he's off for the rest of the week. KiKi still starts school the 30th and is off therapy in the mean time. I have a few different lapbooks for Thanksgiving and am currently debating on which ones the girls will be completing this year on Thursday...
   Plans for Minnesota trip are cancelled due to weather  :(   My mom is talking about trying to get together with me and my kids for Thanksgiving. We will be taking Odie and B to their mom on Friday, so I'm hoping to put off my mom coming over until Saturday. This is mostly because my BF and I have both been excessively anti-social and reclusive lately and I'm thinking a break between the party and Thanksgiving sounds good. That and the fact that neither of us has a particularly good history with the Thanksgiving holiday concept in general. Not sure which of our families is more dysfunctional most days.
   Hoping to get pics up here soon, but have promised them on FaceBook first. That and I have yet to decide how many pictures I want posted on here, or the nature of those postings.

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