Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning

   It's Monday morning, thus starts another week. I am so not ready for this week to start, but here it is... My BF's kids spent the weekend with their mother. And they've already been whining and ignoring me non stop since they got back. As in standing completely silent for ten minutes just to avoid saying anything to me. Odie has been wetting his bed a lot the last few weeks, which wouldn't really be bad except that he keeps lying about it and trying to hide it. As in hiding the clothes so that we don't find out. He's never once gotten in trouble for doing it here, just for not telling us or lying when we ask him about it... B got mad at me this morning for making her put on a jacket over her very short-sleeved shirt. It was 46 degrees and very windy when she had to go wait for the bus.
   KiKi has a routine sinus infection and is refusing to eat food, so he's on a rice milk and sudafed diet for a day or two until he feels better. He also has a major eczema breakout right now, but it's working on getting better (or at least not getting worse). He starts his first day of school tomorrow. Oh, and he's decided duplos are acceptable over destroying the older kids' lego creations, and that watching my BF play video games is a great past time. Okay, so there's a spinning wheel thing on the screen every time a new section has to load. The point is, he loves it.  :P
   Zoko is back to school today after having had Thursday and Friday off, and I forgot to make her do her weekend reading since I've been sick. So today will probably be a royal pain, with very little cooperation, but then again, most Mondays are like that around here anyway. She's got a minimum schedule today since I didn't prep her work, so it's gonna be science, math, a tv program about Thanksgiving for history, penmanship, independent reading, and maybe some art. That's it for today...
   As for the rest of my life, I'm working on compiling the poems still, and trying to write some new work as well. I'm organizing school stuff as always, and trying to set up a portfolio for the Suicide Girls website still. Hoping to have a basic application in to them by the end of this week. Really wishing we could win the lottery, not to be filthy rich, but so that my BF wouldn't have to go to work and we could still have money to pay the basic bills and everything. We're both so overwhelmed and stressed from life that even with this past four day weekend, neither of us managed to accomplish much of anything just from trying to unwind from the sheer overload. I'm not sure how much longer we can keep up with the rapid speed at which the world is travelling while managing to stay at the mundane pace of this life. It's truly exhausting...

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