Sunday, November 28, 2010


   Why does everyone have this idea that we somehow have a ton of extra money to give out? If you owe us over $3,000, don't try to borrow money from us. Just because we have some nice stuff does not mean that we didn't work hard and save up for a long time to acquire whatever we have. We've let go of things that we never imagined we would just to stay where we are, and it's been a hard road. No, we're not dirt poor. The bills are paid, rent is up to date, and there's always food on the table. The kids have plenty of clothes and toys and we rarely have to beg for gas money. That does not mean that we are by any means rich or that we consider ourselves to be better or worse than anyone else out there.
   Everybody has what they have because they worked for it. Even the wealthy people that seemingly are handed everything still have to work to maintain their status in whatever portion of society they deem necessary to continue to live the way they are accustomed to. It's a fact of life. Money may be necessary to pay bills and buy food, but it has nothing to do with the Earth still rotating or the Moon coming out tonight. So stop acting like it does. Most of a person's level of happiness has nothing to do with what they have anyway, despite what they convince themselves. Possessions are just that, they are things you possess. They have nothing to do with the real you, or the soul inside your body. While they may contribute to making you feel more like yourself, and help you express yourself better to the outside world, they are not a part of you.
   Take away these things, the money, the clothes, the cars, the houses, the furniture and the paintings. Sculptures, music, toys, computers, cell phones. Anything you feel you are somehow incomplete without. And guess what? You are still there. Standing naked in the middle of the forest with no one around and absolutely nothing to call your own besides your body, your soul, and this earth. Now how can you honestly tell me that that isn't enough?
   So stop being fake, stop thinking you have to have certain things or be a certain way. There is only one person in this world you should ever answer to, and that person is your self. So if you can look at your self butt naked in the mirror and still find a reason to keep living, that is obviously all you need in this world. As for beyond this world and any other things you may have done in your past, leave that to whichever god or gods you believe in, and they will sort everything out. Your heart, your soul, your mind, your body - these are the only things that truly matter in the end.

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