Monday, October 31, 2016

Receiving The 12 Blessings Of Israel by Paul Thangiah

Receiving The 12 Blessings Of Israel: How God's Promises To His People Apply To Your Life Today started out as a sermon series by Paul Thangiah, in his church in Bangalore, India. Thanks to the popularity of that sermon series, this gem of a book was written. This book winds its way through the twelves sons of Jacob, in the order of their blessings being bestowed upon them by their father, Israel.

For each son, we read every Biblical instance of his mention during his lifetime, Jacob's blessing upon him, and Moses' blessing applied to the congruent tribe of Israel later in the Old Testament. From these insights, we will learn about a specific character trait that we should sow in order to reap God's blessing pertaining to each tribe. We will then go on to read further about the applicable trait from Jesus' teachings in the New Testament, and learn how to apply each set of lessons in our current life. Each chapter ends with a simple prayer to ask God to help us along this path to receiving His blessings.

The chapters are as follows: Reuben (stability), Simeon (controlling anger), Levi (standing up for the Lord), Judah (repentance), Zebulun (accepting God's plan), Issachar (diligence), Dan (full of God), Gad (trust and obey God), Asher (know God), Naphtali (speak good words), Joseph (recognize the hand of God), and Benjamin (rest secure in God).

This book does not contain a lot of filler and is not a light read. The author is very direct and to the point, yet uses simple terminology and an easy to understand approach. I would highly recommend reading this book as a weekly study, rather than attempting to read the whole thing in one weekend. It takes time for some of it to really sink in, and may take re-reading certain portions to really appreciate it. For someone who has the time and patience to sit down and learn, this is a blessing and will aid you path toward God and His purpose for your life. 5/5 stars.

*Disclaimer: I received a free print copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of a review. All opinions stated are my own.*

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