Wednesday, August 10, 2016

KiKi Homeschooling Update - August 2016

KiKi is 8 1/2 years old, and he's my resident "unschooler". His main educational goals are to learn basic life skills and focus on communication and making sense of his little world. In order to get a rough "grade level" for each subject, I use a base credit of 130 hours per subject, divided in 32.5 hour quarter credits. When he fulfills 32.5 hours toward a specific topic, I count that as a quarter credit toward the main subject. So 32.5 hours of biology equals 1/4 credit of science... One full credit of a subject equals a grade level equivalent, simply adjusted to his actual learning ability and progress. Basically it means that 2nd grade science is a statement that he has two years of work in toward science, not a traditional 2nd grade science level...

When you're dealing with an 8 year old that is deaf, non-verbal, can't read, wears diapers, and still struggles to feed himself some days - the traditional standards kinda go out the window. But he is learning, and he is making progress. At his own speed...

This is his current credit (grade level) breakdown, which I plan on updating monthly.
Science... level 2.00
Math... level 3.25
Social Studies... level 1.25
Language Arts... level 2.75
Health Education... level 1.00
Physical Education... level 1.75
Fine Arts... level 1.50
Practical Arts... level 2.00

His current areas of study are as follows:
Science - biology, ecology, physics, scientific technology
Math - consumer mathematics, logic and reasoning, patterns, sorting and matching
Social Studies - Bible and character, government, sociology
Language Arts - English (communication), reading
Health Education - personal hygiene
Physical Education - exercise, motor skills, walks
Fine Arts - art appreciation, music appreciation, visual arts
Practical Arts - building skills, clothing construction and care, computer operating skills, food and nutrition, household management, life skills, practical crafts

His current hours for the 2016-2017 school year (as of 08/06/16):
Science... 11.00 hours
Math... 25.75 hours
Social Studies... 8.25 hours
Language Arts... 13.00 hours
Reading... 4.00 hours
Art/PE/Health... 18.25 hours
Home Economics/Practical Arts... 34.75 hours
     Total hours... 115.00
Remaining hours... 885.00 total... 19.00/week... 2.75/day

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