Saturday, August 20, 2016

Healing The Wounded Heart Workbook by Dan B Allender

Healing The Wounded Heart Workbook by Dan B. Allender

     If you've read the book and feel like this method for recovering from past trauma might help you, then this workbook is a necessity. Like most workbooks, you need to have a copy of the actual book in order to make sense of it. It repeatedly references the book and advises you to read certain sections before doing the workbook pages.

     Unlike a lot of workbooks, this one does not directly overlap the book. In other words, it's not the same exact questions mentioned in the book, just re-printed with lines for you to write your answers. These are well organized (mostly open-ended) questions designed to make you think about what you've read and how to implement that in your life. It also asks very pointed questions designed to make you look back at your life with honesty and openness. You have to be willing to be truthful and face the past or this workbook will not work for you.

     Also, the workbook is divided into two sections, the first half being for the recovering victim, and the second half for the spouse or partner. It's designed to help your spouse understand what you're going through in order to be able to support and assist you on this very hard journey. If you don't have a spouse or partner that will go through this with you, I very strongly suggest you find a close friend or other ally to walk this path with you. Even with the best ally, it is not an easy. But in the end, it is worth so much more than you imagine.

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