Saturday, August 20, 2016

Healing The Wounded Heart by Dan B Allender

Healing The Wounded Heart - The Heartache Of Sexual Abuse And The Hope Of Transformation by Dan B. Allender

     I stumbled across this book while trying to overcome a deep depression that set in after a recent trauma brought back memories of abuse from my childhood. This book, and its companion workbook, have been the cornerstone as I started my path toward healing. Parts of the book don't really "fit" my situation, but overall, it's very insightful and has sound suggestions on working through the past in order to move on toward a brighter future.

     It's not the traditional "forget, forgive, and move on" mentality that so many Christian advisors seem to chime. Instead, he urges you re-enter the past, grieve over the child (yourself) that was wounded, and allow that younger version of yourself back into your present world. "Curse what God curses, and bless what God blesses" is a main focal point. Break evil's bind of dissociation and shame, and bless the person that God created you to be - past and present.

     I read this book alone the first time through, and spent a lot of time crying because of the shame I felt in admitting that I was ashamed of my past. But sometimes you know that your only real option is to face the past, and that's when this book is a necessity. After I finished reading it, I read it to my husband. And we're now (very slowly) working our way through the workbook. It's been a few months already, and we're still on part 1 of this long journey. But I can feel the storm trying to lift.

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