Monday, November 4, 2013

B's Progress Report (11-02-13)

B is my third grader. Her main focal point over the last three weeks has been working on reinforcing grammar and basic math skills, as well as working on her accuracy levels pertaining to direct copywork.

Field Trips:
...Hot air balloon tethered flight and learning about how hot air balloons work
...Hospital visitation learning about various medical procedures, conditions, and hospital procedures pertaining to health and hygiene.
...Park play dates at various parks with various other kids

List of textbooks and reading books B used in the last three weeks:
          Exploring God's World (ABeka)
          Into The Sea (Brenda Z Guiberson)
          Black Bear Cub (Alan Lind)
          All About Horses
          Chimpanzee Family Book (Jane Goodall)
          Prehistoric Life
          We Read About Electricity And How It Is Made (Harold E Tannenbaum)
          All About Monkeys (Robert S Lemmon)
          Arithmetic 3 (ABeka)
          Our American Heritage (ABeka)
          This Country Of Ours (H E Marshall)
          Children's Book Of America (William J Bennett)
          Ice Mummy (Mark Dubowski)
     Language Arts:
          Language 3 (ABeka)
          Worlds Of Wonder (ABeka)
          Cursive Writing (ABeka)
          Health, Safety, And Manners 3 (ABeka)
          The Bible
     Classic Literature Reading:
          Wind In The Willows (Kenneth Grahame)
          Tale Of Nimble Deer (Arthur Scott Bailey)
          Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin (Beatrix Potter)
          Tale Of The Pie And The Patty Pan (Beatrix Potter)
          Tale Of Ginger And Pickles (Beatrix Potter)
          Tale Of Samuel Whiskers (Beatrix Potter)
          Moving Picture Girls (Laura Lee Hope)
     Independent Reading:
          Kaya Keeps Her Cool (Gaby Hauptmann)

B's hours log update:
     Annual hours completed 320.50/1000 hours
     Total hours completed so far this year:
               science (30.75)
               math (89.75)
               history (61.00)
               language arts (51.75)
               reading (35.75)
               art/pe/health (47.50)
               home ec (4.00)
     Total hours left this year: 679.50 hours in 240 days/34 weeks
               Hours left averaging 20.00 hours/week or 3.00 hours/day

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