Monday, October 28, 2013

Instilling A Sense Of Selfishness

After getting sick of hearing from the girls that they do things "to make someone else smile" or "to make someone else happy", I'm reworking this whole self-image concept. Trying to instill a sense of selfishness. Yes, I said it. I want to girls to be MORE selfish. Not in the traditional sense though. I'm trying to get it through to them that doing stuff "to make someone else feel good" makes them feel good. And that feeling that they get (self-accomplishment and pride) is positive energy they should feed into. There's too much negativity in this world, they need to learn that they have the opportunity to create their own positive energy within their own world, despite what is going on around them or what the rest of the world thinks/feels. They need to be able to acknowledge those selfish feelings of pride as something they are worthy of feeling, and let it blossom into something they can cherish and use to accomplish even greater things. They need to learn that that urge to do something that is right "because it makes them feel good" outweighs the urge to not do it just because someone else might tease them or not agree with their solution. They need to understand that the most important thing they are capable of is changing their own world for the better because that allows their world to touch and influence everyone else's in a more positive way. And that's something worthy of selfishness... Peace.

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