Thursday, October 17, 2013

ZoKo's Progress Report (as of 10-12-13)

ZoKo is my sixth grader. Her main focal point has been reading, as always. I have to make sure to remind her constantly to do textbooks or she'll do nothing but reading all day. It can make for a long day, but there are lots of worse things she could be addicted to than books.

List of textbooks and reading books ZoKo used in the last three weeks:
          Observing God's World (ABeka)
          Animals You Will Never Forget (Reader's Digest)
          Arithmetic 6 (ABeka)
          New World History (ABeka)
          Riddle Of The Prairie Bride (Kathryn Reiss)
          Land Of The Buffalo Bones (Marion Dane Bauer)
     Language Arts:
          God's Gift Of Language C (ABeka)
          Expeditions (Houghton Mifflin)
          Creative Writing (ABeka)
          Choosing Good Health (ABeka)
          The Bible
          Spirits, Ghosts, And Guardians (Ted Andrews)
     Classic Literature Reading:
          Moving Picture Girls: Snowbound (Laura Lee Hope)
          Moving Picture Girls: Under The Palms (Laura Lee Hope)
          Tale Of Tommy Fox (Arthur Scott Bailey)
          Tale Of Fatty Coon (Arthur Scott Bailey)
     Independent Reading:
          Dead To The World (Charlaine Harris)
          Dead As A Doornail (Charlaine Harris)
          Second Summer Of The Sisterhood (Ann Brashares)
          Dark Visions (L J Smith)

ZoKo's hours log update:
     Annual hours completed 369.75/1000 hours
     Total hours completed so far this year:
               science (38.50)
               math (53.25)
               history (81.75)
               language arts (49.00)
               reading (115.75)
               art/pe/health (22.50)
               home ec (9.00)
     Total hours left this year: 630.25 hours in 261 days/37 weeks
               Hours left averaging 17.25 hours/week or 2.50 hours/day

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