Thursday, October 17, 2013

KiKi's progress report (as of 10-12-13)

Kiki is my "unschooler". His main focal point over the last three weeks has been legos. Which means lots and lots of math hours. Math includes logic, thinking skills, problem solving, deductive reasoning, etc. And because of the extreme scrutiny he puts in to building his lego towers exactly how he wants them, he tones almost all of those skills while "playing" with legos... He also has gotten in a lot of p.e., between hand thumping, banging, and jumping. As of right now, they've replaced about 85% of his head banging out of excitement. He still head bangs a lot out of frustration and anger, but I'll take what I can get at the moment.

Kiki's hours log update:
     Annual hours completed 436.75/1000 hours
     Total hours completed so far this year:
               science (91.00)
               math (158.00)
               history (24.75)
               language arts (22.25)
               reading (49.75)
               art/pe/health (91.00)
               home ec (0.00)
     Total hours left this year: 563.25 hours in 261 days/37 weeks
               Hours left averaging 15.25 hours/week or 2.25 hours/day

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