Friday, January 11, 2013

Homemade Womanhood Gift Sets

I've been working on a side "pet project" for the last few months, making "Welcome to Womanhood" gift sets for the girls. These boxes are going to be identical and will be given out at a celebration when each girl reaches puberty and gets her first period. The girls have already read mulitple books preparing them for this milestone, as well as open discussions in the household. They have also received feminine care products and talked about proper usage. In our family, this means cloth pads and sea spoge tampons instead of the more "conventional" methods.

So far, these kits are a big hit with the girls, and they enjoy helping me find things to add to them, as well as watching the boxes slowly grow...

Homemade Womanhood Gift Set

This is a breakdown of each item in the box so far...

Giovanni brand "Hot Chocolate" Sugar Scrub

Jason brand "Lavender" Satin Shower Body Wash

Butterfly Keepsake Journal - records favorite music, movies, affirmations, and more

Sample page from Butterfly Keepsake Journal
Left side says "These things make me happy:" with lines for writing space
Right bottom says "Happiness is not best achieved by those who seek it directly." -Bertrand Russell
10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace - 20 assorted notecards and envelopes

Love And Power Journal - workbook for the fine art of living by Lynn V Andrews

Life Strategies For Teens - 50 card deck by Jay McGraw

Voice Of Knowledge - 48 card deck by Don Miguel Ruiz

I plan on adding more things to these boxes as I find things on clearances, etc. The most expensive thing in here was the body wash for $4. My total expense on each box at this point is about 16 bucks.

The goal of each box is to help them celebrate this transition, and to give them some tools to help make it easier on them, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I also plan on adding Yogi brand Moon Cycle tea bags, and a few of the self heating disposable muscle ache pads (they work wonders for cramping).

The other thing I plan on adding ASAP to these boxes is a personal bible for each girl, with their full name done in the gold foil lettering on the front cover. My husband and I each have one from when we were younger, and figure this would be a good time to present each of our daughters with one they could call their own.

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