Sunday, January 27, 2013

Craft Projects & Comic Books for Stocking Stuffers

I recently found some really great deals for my Stocking Stuffers Project, and have been meaning to post pictures on here. The upload feature wasn't cooperating with my pc, however, so it got postponed. Well, it's working again, so I figured I'd show you the new deals I managed to snag.

1) "Works Of Ahhh" 5 Real Wood 3D Stand Ups sets... I got three different styles: Outer Space, Fairy Tale, and Pet Shop. Each one includes five wooden cut outs to color (with stands), six markers, a sheet of stickers, and the box which works for storage and folds out as a playset background scene. We got these for 74 cents each at Target, and figured they'd be pretty small and cheap. They're not. The wood is thick and decent quality, and the bigger figures (prince, princess, astronauts, parrot) are 7-8 inches tall. Good deal in my book.

Graveyard Mall is an awesome place for great deals. They had an after Christmas clearance before Christmas and were selling a bunch of stuff for 70% off. It's $2.99 flat rate shipping on every purchase, every day (as far as I know). So, I bought a ton of stuff for this project from them. Candles, comics, books, etc... Then I got an email saying most of the great finds had been oversold, and thus they were refunding money and canceling the orders. :( ...But, I lucked out and still received part of my order, which is totally awesome. Here it is...

2) "Winx Club Comic" issue number 1... They had bulk boxes of this comic (all issue #1), 100 copies for something like 6 or 7 bucks, I don't really remember. I ordered one box to be able to pass out to girls that like fairies (3rd-5th grade). Well, since everything else in my order was sold out, they went on and refunded the entire purchase price, and sent the box of comics anyway. So 100 copies of Winx issue 1 was delivered to my door... FOR FREE! Talking about customer service! Not that I've ever had any bad experiences with them to begin with, they have always been stellar to deal with. Now I've got 98 copies of this comic sitting in my Stocking Stuffers tubs. Two copies mysteriously disappeared somewhere between my front door and my basement. Funny thing, B and ZoKo each have one of the trading cards that only come in the comic books. So weird, right?...

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