Monday, August 1, 2011

This Weekend

   B's birthday was yesterday. We set up the slip n slide and the kids played most of the day. Didn't really have a formal party (knowing me, is it that surprising?). We had Qdoba for lunch, then ice cream sandwiches, no cake. She got some new clothes, a Tinkerbell pillow and comforter, and a few small dolls.
   My mom came over for the "party", then and we watched a few episodes of Alphas. So far it at least has potential. We've also been watching "Torchwood: Miracle Day". I'm still not sure on that one.
   I broke my poor Mutt's heart when it comes to tv watching, though. I informed him that "Sons of Guns" is labeled as reality tv. So, yes, he does in fact watch reality tv. He wasn't too happy about that one. I don't think he'll ever forgive me.
   Something exciting happened yesterday, at the party. KiKi took my hand and walked down the slip n slide, into the pool at the bottom, and out again. He continued walking all the way back to the beginning and did it a second time. Later, he did it a few more times. Why is this a big deal? Simple. KiKi doesn't like water. He'll tolerate a small splash now without screaming, but this has taken extensive work. For him to walk through the sprinkling water on the slip n slide (and just being on wet plastic itself), and then through the pool of water at the end is just completely shockingly amazing. We were all so stunned at this, that he kind of stole the spotlight for a while. The older kids were all three cheering him on! :)
   Then there was the dog, whom we were are now calling Roog (pronounced "rug"), think cross between Rock and Dog... She had a fun time with the slip n slide, running through the pool at the bottom and splashing the girls. She also decided to lay down in the pool to rest. We had to practically drag her out when it was time to go inside.
   All in all it wasn't a bad weekend. The kids had fun, and the weather was hot but not too humid. As opposed to today, when the humidity decided to make its presence known earlier. Oh well, we still got our walk in. Just had to do it a bit later in the day than normal, since KiKi had a dr appt this morning. We only walked about 2 miles today, but that's not too bad. And the kids got raspberry lemonade, so they were thrilled. Oh, and I got Rango as a free RedBox rental for tonight. The girls are psyched :P

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