Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeschooling - 5.5 Weeks In

   This week was mostly on track for what I anticipate should be something similar to our regular schedule. Or something to that effect, anyway. We spent about 15 minutes this evening star-gazing. And, thanks to a wonderful book entitled 365 Starry Nights, I was able to point out three stars and identify one system for ZoKo :) I really know nothing about this stuff, but there is a certain amount of a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in being able to teach her these things anyway. I would so totally recommend the book to anyone at all interested in the stars (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere).
   I guess that's probably enough blabbing about stars. Let's see, what else did we do this week? ZoKo made a Japanese paper lantern in art, and also a foam bead house. She finished one science reading book and started yet another. She moved on to a new section of penmanship, and started her first health textbook for this school year. She got a few new school supplies (new crayons, colored pencils, and scissors).
   I'm thinking about having her start a third independent reading book, but so far I haven't decided for sure on whether to do this now or give her some more time to adjust to having a full schedule again. Although, she likes reading enough that I doubt she'd view it as a hardship. Right now reading accounts for an average of 2-3 hours of her work each day.
   Anyway, here it is, grade 2, progress report 4...

          - Total Hours completed as of August 6th, 2011 -
     Science     14.25
     Math     14.00
     History & Social Studies     18.50
     Language Arts & Reading     59.00
     Daily Review   1.50
     Health & Physical Education     23.75
     Art     14.00
     Home Economics     -----
     Foreign Language (Latin)     -----

          - Total Hours   145.00     out of     1,000 mandatory hours -
     Hours Left:     855.00     averaging     18.25/week  -or-  2.75/day

Current Curriculum (percentage of current status towards completion):
          Textbook - Discovery Works (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)     lesson 71 of 129     (55.0%)
          Reading - Horses (Harold Roth)     section 3 of 3     (100.0%)
          Reading - Rattlesnakes (ZooBooks)     section 1 of 3     (33.3%)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 117 of 170     (68.8%)
          Textbook - Spectrum Geography Grade 3 (McGraw Hill gr 3)     lesson 14 of 18     (77.7%)
          Reading - Stories Of American Life & Adv... (Edward Eggleston)     section 40 of 47     (85.1%)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - Language 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 104 of 163     (63.8%)
          Comprehension - Foot Prints (A Beka gr 3)     lesson 7 of 21     (33.3%)
          Penmanship - Cursive 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 119 of 175     (68.0%)
          Independent Reading - Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)     chapter 51 of 65     (78.5%)
          Independent Reading - New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)     page 338 of 563     (60.0%)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls In A Motor Car (Laura Lee Hope)     chapter 18 of 25     (72.0%)
          Textbook - Your Health (Harcourt gr 3)     lesson 2 of 85     (2.4%)
          Reading - It's Not The Stork (Robie H Harris)     section 8 of 12     (66.7%)
     Foreign Language:
          Latin - Minimus (Cambridge)     lesson 2 of 27     (7.4%)

Completed Curriculum For The 2011-2012 School Year (2nd Grade):
          Reading - First Book Of Bees (Albert Tibbets)
          Reading - Polar Bears (Susan Canizares)
          Reading - Rain Forest (Jinny Johnson)
          Reading - True Story Of Corky The Blind Seal (Georgeanne Irvine)
          Reading - To Be A Chimpanzee (Chris Martin)
          Reading - Horses (Harold Roth)
     Language Arts:
          Comprehension - Silly Things Happen (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (Laura Lee Hope)
     Foreign Language:

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