Monday, June 20, 2011

Wrapping Up School

   The last day of school for the homeschooling calendar is June 30th, which is coming up fast - in ten days. ZoKo is currently at 1,053.5 hours, with a mandatory time of 1,000 hours. So I'm sure that you can do the math to figure out that I'm not paniced about getting her enough hours in. She is currently mid-way through Arithmetic 3, Discovery Works, and Neighborhoods & Communities, which are all third grade books. The science and history ones are her second third grade textbooks, which we are covering just to help ensure her total education will have fewer holes in it.
   She is currently reading Fire Star (book 3 of the Last Dragon Chronicles), and is almost through reading Twilight (book 1 of the Twilight Saga). She's working on Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (book 1 of the Outdoor Girls series) for classic literature.
   I've rearranged her workstation so that the assignments for each subject are in their respective notebook, rather than all piled into one notebook. This also give her access to her notes and previous assignments at any time, and allows her to take notes as she pleases. I'm hoping that this will be an asset as her work evolves in difficulty and skill level.

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