Monday, May 23, 2011

Parties & Schoolwork

   ZoKo's 7th birthday party was Saturday. We had a good time. She got a few phone calls from family and friends, and had a few friends show up to guve her hugs. :) The weather was predicted as rain all day, then changed to rain after 4 pm. Well, we were out on the slip n slide and swingset until well after 7 with not a cloud in the sky. She was very happy about that!
   She got several phone calls, a few cards, some books, paperoni art sets, and a suction cup bow and arrow set. Turns out May is a busy month for birthdays. Two days after hers is my boyfriend's dad's birthday, and the day after that is her half-sister's mom's birthday. Yeah, I know, it gets complicated with us. Hey, it's all we know. :P
   Last week, ZoKo's schoolwork went well. She got to take her birthday off, and only did her reading assignments on Friday. She logged in a total of 22.5 hours last week, which means she only has 57.25 hours left this year, which averages out to 9.75 hours per week, or 1.5 hours a day. Her reading alone averages more than that!

Her completed assignment status* (as of May 22nd):
          Science Textbook 2: Discovery Works - lesson 46/150ish
          Science Reading: Burgess Bird Book For Children - chapter 36/45
          Math Workbook: Arithmetic 3 - lesson 82/170
          History Textbook 2: Neighborhoods And Communities - lesson 36/71
          History Reading: Viking Tales - chapter 3/21
          Grammar Workbook: Language 3 - 82/163
          Comprehension Workbook: Silly Things Happen - lesson 26/42
          Penmanship Workbook: Cursive 3 - lesson 100/175
          Health Textbook: Health, Safety, And Manners 3 - lesson 55/68
          Classic Literature: Outdoor Girls At Rainbow Lake - chapter 14/25
          Independent Reading: Ice Fire - chapter 27/35
          Independent Reading: Twilight - page 285/498
*This is the current status of her current books, this does not show books which she has already completed.

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