Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Preparations: The Location

   We drove down to Eureka Springs on Saturday. We being me, my fiancee, KiKi and ZoKo. KiKi was still feeling rough, so he spent all day screaming. Other than that, it went well. We looked around Eureka Springs for almost an hour, then met the lady that owns the ranch. She took us down to the cabins and showed us around the place a little bit. The cabins are nice, small but cute. The church is the same. Old, small, and cute. ZoKo played the piano in the church for a few minutes, she liked that.
   We are planning on getting married on the bridge in front of the church, it's one of those small arch bridges. We're supposed to ride in on horseback, and the guests will get a hay ride to the church. I'm not sure about the timing on that as to whether it will be all the guests or just the ones staying at the cabin. Because I think the hay ride is almost an hour, which means that people would have to show up at least that long before the ceremony. I figure I'll work all those details out a week or so before the actual date. Also not sure what we're doing with KiKi, that'll just depend on his mood when we get down there. FYI, anyone who can't stand hearing a child scream should not attend. Because he most likely will be some, most, or all of the time. That's just KiKi for you...
   We paid the deposit, date is set for June 24th. Hopefully everything goes well between now and then. :)  I've set up a wedding website with details on the ceremony, pictures of us, and a short story about how we met. I'll be adding more later. The site is for anyone who would like to see it. It is password protected, so if you don't have the password, message me on facebook or text me or use the "request password" option on the link to get it in your email  :)

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