Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mid Week Moments

   My ghetto phone broke yesterday. It was literally being held together by one wire and some electrical tape for the last week, since the hinge was completely broken off on both sides of the screen. The tape came loose and the wire finally gave way. I got a new phone, going with StraightTalk this time, get away from AT&T. Got the cheapest phone they had, but it works. I can even get on FaceBook and check my email with it, which is a first. It'll take a while to get used to texting though, the menus for it are completely different than what I'm used to. On a positive note, I kept my old number. Not that it matters much, since no one seems to text much anyway lately. Although my BF finally got this number memorized 5-6 months ago, so he would not be too happy if I had gotten a new number.
   I bought the fancy puzzle cupcake holders to be able to make a skunk for the wedding. Actually got three sets, which is enough to make three skunks. Going to be doing a sample run in the next day or two to see how they cook up and how this brand of cake mix tastes. Hopefully my BF likes it, we haven't tried Namaste before. Also need to buy some food coloring, so we can have colorful skunks. Plan on taking pictures of the sample if I remember to do so.
   Got taxes filed on Tuesday. Should be here in 8-15 days, which is good because we are late on way too many things with how my BF's work has been lately. He started the new job, and we're really hoping the old place calls him with good news and wants him back asap. Because the new job sucks, for lots of reasons.
   Romy is still boycotting crickets, but he now eats his supplement and a full syringe of chicken baby food every other day, as well as taking colloidal silver baths. I also started him on betadine scrubs yesterday, so far the infection doesn't seem to be getting worse and his health is stabilized, at least.
   KiKi is feeling much better, but to his "normal" self, if there is such a thing. He's been eating about 2-2.5 meals a day, which is still plenty for him. And he's less grouchy than he has been lately, and back to sleeping a lot less.
   ZoKo has been doing less schoolwork lately than she's technically supposed to, but considering that she's two grade ahead and on her second history book and second science book this year, I don't think that skipping a few topics each day will really hurt her any in the long run. She's getting plenty of hours in, and still doing her math, reading, and penmanship, which are the main areas that require routine upkeep.
   B is doing well in school, and the she's been getting along really well with ZoKo lately. She seems to have found stability for herself and is doing well with any adjustments that have been made.
   Odie is still having a hard time. He's in a phase where he almost constantly wants to be somewhere other than where he is, and it doesn't seem to matter how we try to work with him. We're hoping that given time he adjusts better to the situation. In the mean time, we're trying to keep a routing and sense of order so that hopefully it pays off in the long run. I'd love to be able to say I have it all figured out, but I don't think anyone ever really does.
   It's Thursday today, my last day going to town this week. I have to go back this evening to take my mom to the Healing Circle (mainly Reiki and Quantum Touch). My wedding dress should arrive today as well (assuming delivery is on time). I'll try it on and let you know if I still like it. Debating on how to have my hair, we like the bright blue (right after dying), the pale blue (a few weeks after dying), and the bleached (almost white) blonde. I guess we'll just wait until the first part of June then decide what feels right at the moment.
   Mom and I hit up Michael's, and they had all their Christmas merchandise shoved into tied shopping bags for $2 a grab bag. We wiped them out, and are digging through, keeping anything we want and holding onto the rest for a spring yard sale. It shouldn't be hard to get $20 back out of everything. Most of the stuff isn't really even Christmas, like animal print shipping labels (which are really cute, and might just end up on wedding invites)... Oh, the wedding invites should be here before too long, and now we're looking for a skunk rubber stamp. Found one online for $15 (after shipping), but was hoping to find one locally instead. So far no luck. As for what the stamp is for, you'll have to wait on that one because it is a surprise. Although I'll probably tell you in a week or two anyway, because I really despise surprises and thus suck at keeping them. I'm more the "give them their gift when you buy it rather than waiting two weeks" type. So we'll just see.
   The girls each got new boxes for all of their hair stuff & lip gloss. They're really tackle boxes that were on clearance at Bass Pro, but don't tell them that. They love them. They had all of their hair stuff in Blue Bunny ice cream containers. Each had their own, and both were overflowing (as in you couldn't get the lids on even). So now they each have their own big box, and can actually find stuff...
   Can't really think of more to write now, so I'll hit you up again later (eventually)... Until then, peace out  :)

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