Friday, January 28, 2011

Back To Writing & More

   I started writing again today, two so far. First poems I've written in almost a month. It comes and goes. My mom always wanted me to try to see if I could find a pattern/cycle to coincide with when I write more versus when it's difficult. We've tried everything: weather, days of the week/month, moon cycles, you name it... Honestly, I'm not sure. I've been in a depressive slump for a long while now, and I woke up feeling good today. So maybe that's it. Worth taking note of at the very least. While I feel better today spiritually and psychologically, I have a killer headache and nausea that won't settle and my heart's been giving me fits all week. Right now, it's taking all the energy I can muster to make sure school is dealt with and food is prepared.
   Early afternoon seems to be my worst time period, which is unusual for me. Normally it's my best when I'm like this. I'm not sure what's agitated my heart this time around, but it'll settle down eventually. I had three cupcakes yesterday, so that's probably the headache cause. And water's been fighting against me more lately. I know I'm back to my kidneys not processing it right. So goes life.
   I've got food on the stove, and laundry is almost caught up. Still have some skunk cupcakes left, going to take a few to mom at some point. She called this morning, having more issues with her BF. Now she's not answering her phone, so that probably means she forgave his crap and is pretending nothing ever happened again.
   Romy's been scratching himself all day, he's working on peeling off some loose skin that's giving him fits. His afternoon bath is waiting until my BF gets home, because I can't handle that right now. Time to get off of here, food's ready and I need to rest.

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