Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Right Now

   So we looked at a house today. And considering the roof was literally falling in in the second living area, it's kinda basically a no go. Drove past a few others, called on a few, and plan on seeing more next week.
   Went with my fiance to pick up his paycheck today. First time I've ever been in his place of work. Not only did he not bother to introduce me to any of the many people he talked to, but he also neglected to tell anyone that he's now engaged. So, needless to say, I've been giving him crap about it all day. It really doesn't bug me in the slightest, but it is entertaining to harass him about it  :P
   I'm taking a break from social networking (aka FaceBook). I'll be on enough to reply to anyone worth replying to, but I'm done with some stuff that's been on there lately. I get that most of my friends think I'm making a horrible decision and ruining my life by getting engaged. But it's my life, and there's only so many times you can tell me how much I'm messing up before I literally want to just haul off and deck you. So yeah, I'm taking a break from that before it gets to me more than it already has. Great to know I have such caring friends though. To those few of you who have offered a humble "congrats" (sincere or otherwise), thank you so much  :)
   As for the rest of life, it's going. Good or bad, I gave up on trying to determine. But it is going somewhere, so I guess that's something. School is going well for ZoKo and B. Odie is doing well at school but very resistant and stubborn at home.
   And KiKi is, well, he's still KiKi. Although he's now using his PECS cards for "bowl" & "sippy cup" 100% of the time at home, and "puzzle" is used about 75% of the time at this point. He's still eating oatmeal twice a day (most days), but he also gets ground up mac cheese or something similar at least one meal a day. He's now chewing about 99% of his mouthfuls before swallowing, but still has issues with anything larger than a small corn kernal. He also is finally letting a blanket be on his lap in the truck, which is a huge accomplishment. We convinced him that if he wants his cd in the truck, it comes with the blanket. And if the blanket is removed, we take the cd. After three trips in the truck listening to him scream every time I took his cd back for him tossing the blanket, he finally decided to cave in. He won't touch the blanket at all, holding his free hand in mid air to keep it from accidentally falling on it, but that's fine for now at least. It means I don't have to worry about him being chilly on car rides anymore :)
   Romy is still boycotting crickets, so the syringe is filled and fed to him twice a day, every day to keep him going. His left eye is still seeping some off and on and still tries to seal shut every 24 hours or so, so he's getting a hot soak every day. He eats better in water anyway, so most days he gets to soak twice.
   I'm still working on my poetry publication, but right now too many things are on the front burner, so I don't know what's gonna end up shuffled to the back to keep things working. But so goes life. Can't think of anything else anyone might be the slightest bit interested in reading at the moment, so this is it for now. Keep in touch or don't, either way, I'll be around...somewhere...

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