Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Child Support

   We have some basics we want to purchase that keep getting put off due to a lack of funds. These include new plastic drawer units for dressers for the boys, a bottle brush to make it easier to clean sippy cups, lizard cleaner & river rocks, cd holders, batteries, and other assorted items, most of which are in the $5-10 range. The kids hear us talking about wanting to get such things when we have the money, and a few things have become more pressing of an issue (such as the bottle brush and batteries), so it gets stated that I will get those as soon as I get child support (assuming I actually remember to do so)...
   Well, having heard the phrase enough times, such as when she wants to go somewhere or get something out of the necessary essentials, she finally asked the question. "Mommy, what's child support?" So I explain to her that it is money to support the children, in this case, her and her brother. And that the state looks at how much money her father makes and decides an appropriate amount to help raise her and KiKi, and gives that money to me instead of to him. So that part of the money that he makes from working helps to take care of his kids, since it costs more money for the parent that the kids live with than for the parent that only sees them occassionally (considering the cost of food, clothes, school supplies, etc). Hopefully I explained it better to her than I am managing to write down at the moment  :P
   ...Anyway, she decided that's really nice that her father helps to take care of her even though he isn't here. I've heard mixed opinions on whether children should know about child support and such things or not, but honestly, I think he should receive credit for contributing to the children rather than trying to run from those basic responsibilities. In his case, I do feel that the current amount I'm getting is probably harsh, because of it being so much higher than the monthly amount due to some back owed from a time period where he was unable to pay. That being said, I also let Zoko know that even though I haven't taken many trips for her to see him, the money for those trips has come from saved up child support. So, I guess about all I can say is I'm trying to do right by it and insure that the money goes towards the kids for things they truly need (or just desparately want in some cases)...

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