Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Monday... again...

   It's 847am, Monday morning, and already been a long day. Had a great weekend, went to St. Louis on Saturday. Left home at 345am and didn't get home till 2am Sunday morning  :)  Spent the day with my kids, hanging out with an old friend that I hadn't seen since 4th grade. Went to the State History Museum, and shopping at the mall. Zoko loved the museum, especially since she'd been asking me for the last week to take her to a history museum. She'd never been to one before. As for me, it was awesome being able to catch up and see my friend again. Hoping to be able to hang out there again before too long. Although, considering the current weather and that it will only get worse as the season progresses, it'll probably be a while.
   It started snowing in St. Louis shortly before I left there, and driving home at night in the wind and snow was entertaining at the least. Most of the semi truck drivers pulled off the roads into gas stations and exit ramps to wait out the wind, so the roads were almost empty. KiKi slept a little less than an hour or so on the way home, which he needed to because he only slept about half an hour on the way up, and just took a few 10-15 minutes naps while there. He slept most of yesterday to recover as well. Getting home was okay, except for how tired I was. But we made it here safely  :)
   Odie and B spent Saturday with their mom, and my BF stayed home to try to fix the heater on the truck I drive. Which didn't really work, so tomorrow may really suck if he can't find the last part he needs today. There was a nice white layer of snow on the grass yesterday morning, not much snow but just enough to cover the green. I like it that way.
   My BF was upset about me making the trip, which I knew he would be, mostly because he felt left out, or something like that. I don't really know what to do about that because when I want him to be involed in something it's always an uphill battle and yet if I don't make the offer then he gets upset that I purposefully left him out. Why do people fight so hard when you try to get them to do something with you, but also get upset if you do it with someone else?
   ZoKo decided to do her school work in a different order today. So, so far, it's been classic literature followed by art, and she just started her independent reading. Her current independent reading book is The Golden Compass. She's on chapter 4 today  :) ...I'm having to help her with about 3 words per chapter so far, I don't think that's too bad for a 6 year old...
   Supposed to be gathering the kids this evening for a Christmas picture to mail out as photo cards this year, but that's been on the schedule almost a week now and keeps getting put off, so who knows... We didn't even get a card mailed out at all last year, so if nothing else I'll just relabel as New Year's cards if need be.
   Working on getting my poetry books done, but it's slow going between kids and housework and the cut on my thumb that's still breaking open and not sealing properly. I redyed my hair on Friday, so it's a bold, bright blue again. I like it. Putting off the Suicide Girls thing for a bit, not exactly feeling great right now and I don't think the Sesame Street bandage on my thumb looks that good in pictures. As for the rest of life, it's just life. I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of things to write down, but the great thing about this is I can always post again whenever they come to mind. I'm thinking about taking a break from the typed poems and attempting to find enough quietness to work on my audio anthology collection, but with three kids in the house and a mildly sore throat, that probably won't actually pan out to be worth the effort at the present state of being. Well, it's been fun, catch ya later  :)

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