Friday, July 14, 2017

Remarkable Faith by Shauna Letellier

Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled At The Faith Of Unremarkable People by Shauna Letellier is Shauna's own rendering of not-so-classic Bible stories that remind us of the times that Jesus used the most unremarkable of people, the lowest of the low, to exemplify those who not only needed Him the most, but also honored Him the most with the greatest show of faith.

In Remarkable Faith, Shauna shares with us eight chapters, each focused on a varying type of faith (weak, helpless, unworthy, suffering, distant, panicked, defiant, and flagrant). Each contains a Biblical passage followed by her moving and elaborated tale of the story in question. After her vivid reenactment has taken place, she carefully and thoroughly explains what was so remarkable about this person's faith, why Jesus took notice, the reasons we should aspire to be more like them, and brief suggestions and a prayer to start us on that path.

Not many of us would aspire to be more like the blind beggars (up until Jesus gave them their sight), or the ten healed lepers (before they were healed), or the woman who bled for twelve years (while enduring that bleeding)... Yes, we would long for the sight, and the healing, and the dignity that these people regained once Jesus took notice and restored their broken bodies and souls. But so many of us would not sacrifice what we have right now in order to "need" that kind of redemption. Yet, we already do. Every day.

Those of us who know we're unworthy, but have faith anyway. Those of us who feel weak or lost, but have faith. Those of us who are defiant against the doubters in our lives, and struggle but hold onto the faith that we have. This book is written for you... And for those people who have wandered enough that they feel their faith slipping, but still long for it to return - if only they could see the right path or hear the compassion in Jesus' voice. This book is written for you... Or for anyone else who has faced hardships and still managed to hold onto the slightest amount of faith, hoping that it will be enough... It is. Jesus notices you. Hiding in the crowd. Hoping to just barely touch His robe and slip away. 5/5 stars.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary print copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.*

About the author (copied from back cover):
Shauna Letellier has written for the Huffington Post, Day Spring's (in)courage blog, and MOPS International's MomSense magazine (now Hello, Dearest). She attended Focus on the Family's Leadership Institute and earned degrees in Family and Biblical Studies from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska.
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