Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Momentum by Colin S. Smith

In Momentum: Pursuing God's Blessings Through The Beatitudes, Colin S. Smith lays out the road map for us to trek our way through the beatitudes found in Matthew 5. He starts by using the analogy of rings hanging from the ceiling, with the idea that you have to use a swinging momentum to get from one ring to the next. The rings represent God's blessings for our life, as found in the beatitudes. The rings illustrate the way in which we must work our way through the beatitudes and their blessings.

Colin then explains the beatitudes in he context of roots, shoot, and fruit.

The first three beatitudes are the roots of a blessed and godly life. They tell us to be poor in spirit, mourn, and be meek. But what do these really mean? Colin breaks each one down, explains what it really means, and gives us working examples of how we can foster these specific traits in our own lives. But you have to approach them in order, allowing the momentum from being poor in spirit to let you mourn, so you can become meek. You have to trust God's order as being important and let His guide lead you.

The fourth beatitude is the shoot; a hunger and thirst for righteousness. This is pretty much a stepping stone to get from the roots to the fruit, something to keep pushing you forward in your quest.

Next Colin explains the fruits of this blessed life, mercy / forgiveness, purity, and peace. He explains what they are, the context in which we should aspire to achieve them, and practices to help us engage each of these fruits in our life in due time.

Lastly, Colin reveals the purpose behind the final beatitude - persecution. Why did God include something most of us would not be eager to pursue? What does it really mean in today's world? Is it worth the cost?

Colin has done a thorough job at laying out a road map for those of us aspiring to follow God's teachings and receive His blessings. This book uses plain language and explains things in simple ways that should be easy for almost anyone to follow, understand, learn from, and put into practice. 4/5 stars.

*I received a free print copy of this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.*

About The Author (copied from back cover):
Colin S. Smith (BA, Theology; MPhil, London Bible College) serves as senior pastor of the Orchard Evangelical Free Church. He is the author of several books, including 10 Keys for Unlocking the Christian Life, 10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible, and The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life. He can be heard daily on the Unlocking the Bible radio broadcast at unlockingthebible.org.
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