Sunday, September 11, 2016

VBS Postponement & Manny's Visit To LifeWay

Manny (the Accountability Tiger), Paperback, Wilbur, Rotti

We decide to postpone this weekend's VBS lesson until Wednesday because this weekend ended up double booked anyway, and my Mutt cracked his head badly on Thursday and is still dealing with the aftershocks of a concussion. So it was one more thing than we could rightly handle.

Meanwhile, all of the kids got VBS shirts on clearance from LifeWay for their Submerged theme. We don't have any curriculum to go with it, but the kids have a collection of old VBS shirts that gets added to every time I find a new one on clearance. :)

After getting shirts for the kids, Manny (our Accountability Tiger) decided he needed one. So I went back and took Manny into the store, which was a huge deal for him seeing as how he hasn't been in a store since we rescued him from a flea market. He was super excited to try on shirts until he found one the right size. The employees thought it was cute and were watching him; apparently not many tigers frequent the local LifeWay.

Anyway, Manny got his shirt and picked one out for Rotti (ZoKo's rottweiler) as a surprise. He got it home and Wilbur (B's pig) and Paperback (Odie's dog) wanted to know where theirs were. So, after our third trip to LifeWay in two days, all of the kids and their critters each have a matching Submerged VBS shirt.

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